Jill Stein goes to North Dakota

Jill stein was in North Dakota recently helping protest the NDAP. She stood strong with the many protesters to show support to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. There are thousands of protesters out now even working on making tiny houses to continue their protest through the winter. Along with her stop to help protest the NDAP, she made her way along to some other North Dakotan cities including Fargo, Bismarck and Minot. (Shout out to Minot ND Taxi taximinotnd.com owned by an old friend.)

Dr. Jill Stein made headlines as she participated in civil disobedience by spray painting on some oil companies equipment.

She was charged with criminal trespass and mischief. North Dakota authorities issued warrants out for her arrest. She is expected to show up in court and defend her actions.

It’s funny how one presidential candidate is proven to have committed treason and gets off with less than a slap on the wrist and another helps protest some of the largest big interests in our country and gets criminal charges. Our country has dissolved from a once great nation to an oligarchy that basically says, “if you have enough money and connections, you can do whatever you want.” And that’s the way the disgusting cookie crumbles unfortunately now.

With sincerity,


Hillary’s Health in Question

There is the obvious challenges that Hillary has. Whether it be about her emails, trustworthiness, personality, she has a lot to overcome especially with millennial voters. More recently her health has been in question. For good reason?

Hillary has been plagued with health “episodes” for many years. From blood clots to “fainting spells” to thrombosis to even the possibility of having advanced Parkinson’s disease. From all the sources that I’ve seen online, I peronally believe she has advanced Parkinson’s. Back in 2002 one of her secret service agents came forward to the press in secret and let them know because he believed she posed a threat to our nation by holding such a position of power and having such a serious neurological disorder.

In 2004 she suffered from a blood clot and broke her arm. One thing that happens with Parkinson’s is you have frequent freeze moments. Freeze moments happen when you have too many stimuli and your brain becomes overwhelmed. This is why she has froze in many of her rallies or speeches or in meetings. She becomes too stressed and her Parkinson’s takes over.

She can’t climb stairs, she can’t stand for long periods of time and of course, she got “overheated” at the 9/11 memoriam. Which then turned out to, just kidding, I actually have pneumonia, which actually, I will get over within just a few days even though I’m at the age where this disease tends to kill the person. Don’t mind me, just getting better than humanly possible because everything that comes out of my (or my campaigns) mouths are almost certainly lies.

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